Benefits of Having an Efficient Global Phone Verification for Your Business

The ever-increasing number of security breaches has made it imperative for businesses to take adequate measures. To stay one step ahead of cyberattackers, your business needs a solution that can help decrease the chances of a compromised system. This solution is efficient phone verification.

Benefits of Having a Global Phone Verification


Global phone verification benefits your business in the following ways:


It Authenticates Registration


When a new customer signs up for your service or registers with your business, phone verification authenticates their identity. This helps you make sure all of your new customers are who they claim to be. To authenticate the registration process, send a PIN code to every customer that signs up. A PIN code can be sent via text message, email, call, or social media message. This way, you connect a customer’s name with a face and have their device that you can link to.


It Resets Passwords


It happens way too often when a customer tries to log into their account, but the account has been suspended due to suspicious activity. This also occurs when customers log in from a different device. In both cases, the password has to be changed to reduce the chances of fraud or identity theft. When you send a code to identify the customer’s identity, you defer a  security breach on their system.


It Updates Customer Details

When customers have to update their information, your job is to make sure the person behind the screen is who they claim to be. All requests for changing customer information must be confirmed with a message to the number linked with the account to run secure operations safely. You can use email, social media platforms, or the initial number provided during account registration. When you send this message, you can verify the change and keep your security practices functional.


Welcome Back User


If your customer has left their account inactive for a long time, their sudden return might look suspicious. You have to think about the security of all of your users, so to reactivate the customer, they need to pass a mobile phone verification process. This is done by sending them a previously recorded PIN code to ensure that a customer is a real person. Only if they pass the verification process should the users log in back to their accounts.


It Approves Transaction


Whenever personal data is involved, you have to be vigilant that no breach of security takes place. When you add finances to this mix, the level of protection has to be tenfold. For transactions that take place on the internet, there need to be extra security layers to ensure that customers never worry about anything. With a sound verification program in place, you can reduce the number of fraudulent activities. When a customer performs a transaction, the system sends them an automatic verification code, unique for every customer and every transaction.

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