Data Quality is the New Foundation for Success

In a highly mobile and on-the-go society, information follows people wherever they go. However, the information attached to an individual person or business may not always be accurate or current. Address changes, email updates, or a new mobile phone can lead to problematic information disruptions that create a divide between organizations and member or businesses and consumers that can sometimes be difficult to bridge

Out-of-date information can cause problems for organizations or businesses that depend on databases to maintain contacts. Finding solutions to keep data current and maintain contact with established clients, customers, and members may be difficult. Beginning with a company like RunnerEDQ can be the first step to updating organizational databases to ensure the latest and most accurate information for a wide range of purposes. Our software integrations ensure that personal data is the most recent and most reliable for any need

Losing touch with a valuable member or client can be a blow to any organization or business. Maintaining accurate and current personal data can make restoring established relationships much easier after an information change or update.

Out-of-date information can cause problems for businesses that depend on databases to maintain contacts. Finding solutions to keep data current & maintain contact with established clients & customers may be difficult. RunnerEDQ can is the first step to updating databases to ensure the latest & most accurate information

Human Error Contributes to the Problems

Sometimes a break in contact information continuity begins with simple human error. A miskeyed phone number on an application or a scribbled address can lead to a new data point and an inaccurate contact.

Preventing human data-entry errors is one way to maintain consistent and trackable information on memberships, alumni, and other organizational contacts. Employing interactive software that verifies email and physical addresses, known phone numbers, and names can lead to better long-term data collection and contact continuity.

Verifying data is a key component of an organization’s best practices for maintaining the most current personal information.

Why Information Changes

Prior to the advent of mobile phones, many people were more likely to maintain a single telephone number for long periods. Today, when prepaid wireless plans allow users to change a phone number once a month, keeping track of someone’s most recent contact information can be difficult. Something as simple as signing up for a new calling plan can create discrepancies.

In addition to consumers, students, and businesses relocating, growing, and establishing new contact information, some data changes based on external providers and unforeseen events. Phone companies add new exchanges, shifting entire area codes at one time. Roads and addresses can change based on zoning, community development, or postal policies. Data breaches can also spur a need for quick changes that may be problematic and hard to track.

No matter what the reason for a change in personal or business data, organizations can better maintain and track changes when they rely on software-based solutions to keep up with frequent changes.

Interactive Software Solutions

Interactive software that verifies personal data against reliable databases helps organizations migrate date from one year’s applications to the next. Data can sometimes be irreplaceable and failing to keep data current is a form of data loss that can be prevented through implementing best practices that include software solutions.

At RunnerEDQ, keeping track of data is part of our business. We find the solutions that work for your organization’s unique needs and applications. Our software professionals and developers create customizable data management and verification for a wide range of organizational uses to more easily keep track of constantly changing personal data.