The Benefits of the Human Resource Department and Information Technology Working Together

As technology is continuing to revolutionize the way we do business, many industries are changing and adopting new practices. This kind of progress is beneficial and welcome, but some enterprises might be taking it and adjusting to it too slowly.

Among the sectors that could be adopting new technologies more quickly, Human Resource departments are critical for smooth day-to-day functioning of many organizations. Even though they don’t tend to work closely with IT, it is well worth considering why and how that could be good for an organization. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of the HR department and IT working together:

Smaller Workload for HR

The job description of an HR employee keeps changing to include more skills and requirements. While this may be the case for other sectors and industries as well, HR employees are under continual pressure to juggle a wide array of tasks and focus on a few different areas. HR teams need to be driven by data, skilled in attracting and honing new talent while retaining current employees and maintaining the agility necessary to perform all of these tasks.

Relying more on technology in HR processes could help alleviate some of these difficulties and significantly decrease the standard part of the workload. That would free up some time for HR employees to do what they do best, which is to dedicate themselves to ensuring that employees are thriving.

More Efficiency in HR Processes

Most HR processes are currently very resource-intensive, which delays the desired results and makes the work more difficult. It is unfortunate, considering that there are so many different IT solutions especially in software, that could make every aspect of these processes more accessible. IT can validate employee contact data, improve onboarding programs and utilize recruitment platforms. It’s safe to say that IT has a solution for the majority of HR pain points.

Fewer Errors

Finally, one of the more prominent downsides of keeping the traditional HR processes for a business is a higher possibility of human error, as well as inconsistency and misinterpretation of data. Without relying more on IT, Human Resources processes are prone to mistakes due to being people-driven. These mistakes can come with a high price, considering how many decisions in HR might base on incorrect or incomplete insights.

What’s more, the potential for error can incur unnecessary costs to the organization, especially if employee contact data isn’t updated and verified. It can lead to Undeliverable As Addressed fees, and could mean the difference between being compliant with Federal and State regulations or not — if important forms and records do not reach an employee.

Software Solutions for HR

Human Resources departments can benefit from a variety of software solutions to improve their processes, but starting with the basics is the recommended route. Runner EDQ’s software integration solution CLEAN_Employee can provide a good start for HR departments that are looking to begin relying more on technology.

HR can surely benefit from updating their traditional processes and making them more streamlined with the help of IT. If you wish to learn more about how Runner EDQ’s software solutions can help ease the workload of HR, click here!

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