Do I Need Phone Verification Solutions for My Business?

If your business requires calling customers and leads, building a clean database of valid phone numbers is crucial to ensuring you’re not wasting time and money.  With a phone verification solution, you can quickly and accurately validate phone numbers, maximizing your phone sales and marketing efforts.

What can a phone verification service do for my business?

Build a clean database – A phone verification solution is a great way to ensure that phone numbers are valid and belong to the person using them. To avoid wasting your time and resources on invalid phone numbers, use a phone verification service to verify and correct numbers at the point of entry. This ensures accuracy in the information going into your database, which means accurate metrics and better ROI.

Identify the type of number – By entering just the number and country code, you can see if the number is valid for that region without having to dial it. The service can also identify which country the phone number belongs to based on the international access code, whether it’s a VoIP, landline, or mobile phone, and even what type of carrier is being used.

Strategize sales and marketing efforts – In phone sales and marketing, it’s essential to know if you’re calling a mobile, VoIP, or landline before initiating a call. Knowing the type of number you’re calling helps you strategize your marketing efforts better. For example, phone calls to VoIP phone numbers aren’t the best quality, allowing your team to decide whether to proceed with calling that number or prioritize mobile and landline numbers. 

Many people also screen incoming calls on their mobile phones, making them less likely to answer a call from an unknown number. However, plenty of people still answer their mobile phones despite displaying an unfamiliar caller. Therefore, knowing you’re dialing a mobile can help you personalize your marketing and sales message for those who may be “on-the-go” or don’t have the time for a long phone call.

Craft personalized messages – If you’re calling international numbers, you must be mindful of the message you deliver and consider language and cultural barriers. Advanced phone verification solutions can identify which carrier the contact is using and determine what languages they may be speaking. This will help you craft personalized messages which will be more likely to make the contact answer the call and engage in conversation, allowing you to deliver your entire message.

Achieve compliance – Setting up a phone verification service for your business could save you from legal troubles and achieve compliance and mitigate risks associated with telephone violations. In phone sales and marketing, there are certain telephone violations such as phone spam and phone harassment. 

Remember, FTC regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protect consumers from unwanted phone calls. The TCPA also limits unsolicited prerecorded telemarketing calls to be made to any landline home telephone. It also prohibits all auto-dialed or prerecorded calls or text messages to a cell phone. And the penalty for violating the TCPA includes up to $500,000 in fines.

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