How is Social Media Used for Recruitment?

The social media phenomenon has revolutionized the exchange of information and opened up new paths of engagement. Websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (and a handful of others) offer recruiters an excellent opportunity to connect with candidates, many of whom would never be discovered through traditional employment sources.

A successful social media approach starts with knowing where your target audience is and how they use social media. By choosing your target wisely, you can better connect with the right people for your company. However, this is just a first step. So, here are the basic benefits of using social media for recruiting and some proven ways to connect with talented people online.


How To Use Social Media for Recruiting

Every company should have its own unique social media recruiting strategy. Here are a couple of basic ideas you can use to get started:


Participate in the Right Conversations

The best way to start recruiting on social media is by cutting through the noise and finding the right people. If you want to get job openings in front of potential candidates, be active in LinkedIn groups and use hashtags like #hiring or #devjobs that can help you reach suitable candidates on Twitter.


Promote Your Company Culture

Social media recruiting is so much more than posting open roles from your accounts. You should also share content that promotes your company as a great place to work, so you can organically attract candidates. Everybody likes to hear about companies with unique cultures, so this type of content can get you many shares.


Don’t Forget the Niche Networks

These days everyone is on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter but did you know that you can find great candidates through niche networks and forums? For instance, marketers share great ideas on Moz and Warrior Forum, while developers bounce off ideas on GitHub and Stack Overflow. Your next great leader might be on one such network.


Include Every Employee

You likely have some big social media players among your team members. Encourage your entire team to share openings on their profiles, and in general, be a promoter for your brand on social media. Allowing your employees to talk about their work responsibly can attract plenty of candidates.


Help Your Recruiters Grow a Social Media Presence

Your corporate account can only do so much. Before making person-to-person connections with candidates, individual recruiters should first know social media best practices and use their accounts regularly.


LinkedIn Tips

Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is by far the best one for recruiting. Here are a couple of tips for using it in recruiting:

  • Complete your brand page – A completed brand page shows up in search results and gives you the chance to showcase your company culture;
  • Use filters – Since there are so many LinkedIn users, recruiters can use filters to find candidates. They can search by location, years of experience, past and current companies, and many other factors that can help them zero in on the suitable candidates;
  • The personal touch – Avoid using the same message with everyone. Instead, reach out with a personal touch. Mention what caught your attention about the candidate and why you think they’d be perfect for your company.
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