How Staying Connected to Your Customers Improves ROI

Many businesses are focusing their efforts on acquiring and converting more and more leads. Still, they fail to acknowledge that their existing customer base is just as valuable (if not more) when it comes to fueling business growth. According to the Harvard Business Review research, customers who are emotionally connected with a brand are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied. Customers are typically emotionally associated with a brand when it aligns with their motivations and fulfills their desires. That is why successful companies go above and beyond to satisfy their customers, and in doing so, they are creating a customer base that pays them back time and again.

Of course, chasing new leads is necessary, but using some of your marketing resources towards customer engagement and retention makes sense. Reminding your customers that they continue to be your priority and dedicated to helping them grow will substantially improve your ROI. Here are a couple of simple and useful tips to help you promote customer engagement, retention, and growth.


Improve the Employee Experience

It’s not a secret that engaged and happy employees perform better at their jobs. When satisfied, they become your best brand ambassadors. Multiple studies have shown that happy workers sell more than unhappy ones. They are more attentive and friendly towards customers and are overall more productive. Make sure to invest in your workers’ wellness, have a solid onboarding experience, create a strong company culture, reward and praise them.


Create Meaningful Communities

Every company should aim to be known for more than just its product. What is your company’s style? What is your role in the community? Your sustainability standards? Whatever it is, you need to ensure your customers know it. You can use these tips:


  • Build respect and authority – Set clear goals about your company’s passions or convictions and share them with your customers. This way, you will teach them to see you as an authority on issues you chose to support.
  • Rituals and rhythms – This can be as simple as how often you post on your social media platforms or how often you hold a particular event. Set expectations and make sure you deliver on them.


Build on Moments

Every step of the customer journey is an opportunity for you to connect with them and improve their experience. Strive to solve customer problems before they arise or solve problems they weren’t aware of. Send them a complementary product. Tell them there is a more convenient option than the one they are currently using. This is how you leave a positive impression.


Understand Customer Behavior

This is where the value of customer data comes in. Use it to understand your customers on a deeper level. Build customer personas, segment them, and create customer journey maps. The goal is to understand who your buyers are and what they want. If you know this, you can learn how to market to each customer type and deliver what they need.



Customers drive businesses, which is why companies have to find ways to continually show them they care. Building lasting relationships is what will keep customers loyal to their brand. 


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