How to Reduce Mailing Cost

For small to midsize businesses that rely on the mailroom to send out parcels, marketing materials and distribute invoices and statements, their mailroom must be a highly efficient communication center. That is why business owners should always strive to improve their mailroom efficiencies while cutting mailroom costs. Here are five simple steps you can make to cut mailing costs and automate your processes:

Use a Postage Meter

The best and the simplest way to cut mailing costs, no matter your mail volume, is to swap out stamps for a postage meter. Businesses nowadays don’t have time or need to stamp each letter manually. Make your mailroom more efficient, stamp in bulk with a postage meter, and avoid trips to the post office and over-stamping. Postage meter users also get discounts on their mail (9% on every first-class letter and up to 40% on priority mail).


Go Paperless

In America, millions of users still prefer to receive their statements, invoices, and other documents physically. This can be a challenging, multi-step operation for any business since it involves printing, folding, stuffing, addressing, and mailing. This is where mail services step in. Mail services outsource a company’s processing by merely linking with their ERP or business application to get those statements, invoices, and any other documents out in less than 24 hours, all offsite. This means no more supplies, folding, stuffing, and endless trips to the post office. As a result, this will add valuable time back to your business.


Use Folder Inserters

Folder inserters can scan and stuff documents, speed up your mailing and reduce human error. It is an efficient way to secure your business mail and ensure that every document is going to the right customer. Folder inserters can also print jobs and combine numerous letters to the same address in a single envelope, making a folder inserter an excellent tool for many industries.


Say Goodbye to Bad Data

Businesses of all sizes can waste so much money on insufficient data. According¬†to Harvard Business Review’s research, terrible data costs the US $3 trillion every year! Additionally, it typically costs ten times as much to correct the mistakes and complete the work. By removing incomplete, incorrect, improperly formatted, or duplicated data, you can ensure the better functioning of your business. For instance, you can save up to $25 per mail piece by eliminating returned mail and parcels. This way, you will avoid wasted mailing costs and address correction fees. You will also boost marketing response rates and revenues and increase cash flow and customer satisfaction which all stem from having useful, clean data.


Track Your Postal Spend

By understanding and tracking when, where, and how much your company is spending on postage, you can determine how to become more efficient. Businesses that track their postal spend effectively can identify departments that should be using bulk mailing, collating documents, or pre-sorting to reduce postage costs. 


Take Away

Companies should strive to make mailing an asset to their business, not an expense. This can be achieved by perfecting the process of preparing, mailing, and receiving mail. 

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