Increase Enrollment with Clean Student Records

Collecting student data such as names, physical addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, enrolled curriculum programs, and student identifiers is a process required in all schools. It ensures that you have a record of all your students and the means to contact them when necessary. However, maintaining clean student records also offers institutions other benefits.
Clean and accurate student contact data can reduce returns, improve efficiency, decrease costs, and increase enrollment. It not only helps improve communications, but it also helps the institution meet compliance standards. Therefore, clean student data also becomes a crucial component for your enrollment and retention programs. Here’s how to increase enrollment with clean student records.

Develop an enrollment marketing strategy

The primary purpose for institutions to keep student data is for record-keeping purposes. It may be used to contact students regarding school-related events and announcements. The physical and email addresses may be used to send report cards, registration forms, tuition rates, acceptance letters, disciplinary letters, and so on.

However, student data can also be used in enrollment marketing strategies. With collected data, institutions can analyze trends in enrollment and retention over the past years. Data can help you gain insight on which emails, newsletters, and announcements are most opened and attract the most engagement.

Some enrollment forms are detailed and ask enrolling students if they have any other siblings. Private schools and universities may leverage this data by reaching out to potential incoming students, such as kindergarteners or first-year students. Studying retention rates can also help schools better understand the causes of dropouts or re-enrollment.

Your enrollment marketing strategy should also include ways to showcase your institution. Newsletters and other marketing campaigns can consist of special programs, facilities, sports teams, and unique teaching approaches. You can also boast about your teaching staff. With clean and accurate student contact data, you can communicate the educational benefits of your institution.

Integrate the record-keeping system with address verification

Increase enrollment by spending less time correcting students’ contact data so you can focus more time on connecting with them. The right solution increases productivity by eliminating the need for staff to use other databases for address research. You can also reduce returned mail significantly, which speeds up your marketing efforts and retention program processes. An address verification solution also makes the necessary changes to street addresses and zip codes.

At RunnerEDQ, we’ve developed Clean Student, which integrates seamlessly into most Student Information Systems with no change to user experience.

By improving your institution’s student data with Clean Student, you improve the student experience from recruitment to post-graduation. With Clean Student, your registration office will rarely need to assist students in making address changes; the solution is programmed to find the correct mailing address for students and saves it correctly for postal mailing.  We also offer geocoding and batch processing. To learn more, contact us.