Is Data Safe When Exchanged by Online Workers?

One thing should be made clear to everyone when it comes to data security – it’s never safe if it’s not secured correctly. It doesn’t matter if remote workers or in-office workers exchange it. As long as data is passed between different connected devices, it can be hacked and stolen. In essence, data protection is necessary for all organizations – no matter the geographical location of their workers.

The worst thing here is that even closed-off systems are not 100% safe. Hackers and cybercriminals can always find a way to reach internal data by hacking a worker or an executive outside of the office. Naturally, it’s far likelier that an organization with remote workers will be breached, but closed-off offices can still suffer the same fate.

Every organization needs to know that they have to manage their data well and that they need to have adequate protection arrangements. However, we are still here to focus on the safety of data exchanged by online workers and how to manage and protect it.

Why Is Data Exchanged by Online Workers Not Safe?

Having remote workers is the new norm, and it’s the optimal solution in today’s climate. So, the real issue is not whether or not you should have online workers, but how safe the data they deal with is. 

The safety of this specific data relies on a few things:

  • Data encryption
  • Protection software
  • Who has access
  • Asset tracking

When you consider these four crucial things, it becomes clear that the more you concentrate on handling and protecting your data, the safer it will be. In the end, it will no longer matter what type of worker deals with it, but what you’re doing to protect it. 

How to Keep Your Data Safe

The key to keeping your data safe is having adequate encryption methods. This is the most basic thing when it comes to data protection. You’ll make sure that the data your remote workers exchange is properly encrypted by using adequate encryption algorithms.

As for protection software, there are plenty of solutions you can choose from, and the one that suits your organization the most should be your choice. 

In the end, you also have to be aware of who has access to your data and keep track of those employees and devices that have access to the data. This part is ongoing and crucial for the safety of your data because things constantly change in every organization. Most importantly, the exchange of data is recurring and ever-changing, which is why it’s vital to keep track of it. 

To ensure you keep track of all of your data and that its management is handled well, you need to use adequate software solutions. We at RunnerEDQ offer a whole set of enterprise data quality solutions that ensure that your data is managed in a way that provides maximum protection. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us