Keep Employee Turnover Low through a Fun Work Environment

High turnover rates are a problem because they represent a high cost for the organization. Luckily, by improving the work environment, it is possible to keep turnover at a minimum. Here are our tips for creating a fun environment.

Look like a fun workplace.


Beanbags and pinball machines may not be your company’s style, but inspiring artwork, a pop of color, and a few pieces of comfortable furniture will create a more welcoming atmosphere that staff will be happy to come to every day.


For an uninspiring office, you can encourage creativity with a seasonal decorating contest. Your employees can have all the fun and put the Santa sleigh and tinsel away later.


A little bit of party


Meeting together to let off steam is a great morale booster. It gives your staff a chance to relax in a different environment, helping them to find common ground outside of work and to get to know each other better. Try organizing a Friday lunch to create experiences that bring employees together and improve relationships. Everybody will want to do a better job for someone they know and like.


Encourage wellness (but make it fun).


While a lecture on health may sound like a good idea to help people improve wellness, it’s not really something that will get your staff excited. For the wellness program to work, you need to make it something that’s enjoyable for them. Yoga, healthy lunches, fitness challenges, or tasty, healthy snacks will be a hit in any organization.



You spend a huge amount of time at work, so it’s important to like your office. If you want your team to enjoy being at their job, make sure you create a workspace that’s interesting and attractive but also conducive to productivity.


Also, your office is a reflection of your brand, and decorating in accordance with your brand style will help your employees stay in touch with it. For example, if your company prides itself on its simplicity, a messy office isn’t going to help your staff feel in line with the mission.

Need ideas? You can get everyone involved and decorate your workplace as a team. It’s a fun way to get everyone to work together.


Encourage hobbies at work.


Everyone has a hobby that they’re passionate about, so why not let your team members take a half-hour break to work on their hobby? It’s a great way to recharge your batteries, relieve stress, and offer your employees the chance to connect over common interests.


Cultivate fun.


Make your office a fun place by holding regular celebrations, contests, and team-building activities. Surprise everyone by ordering lunch or by starting the day with pastries and coffee in the kitchen. Get creative.


Acknowledge anniversaries.


Celebrate the day each staff member joined your team. Let them know how much you appreciate their work with a cake, small gift, or token of gratitude for the important role they play in the organization.


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