Strategies for Marketing to Higher Education Students

When targeting a higher education audience, you need to be strategic and think creatively. College students are at the phase in their lives where they are looking toward their futures and thinking about how to achieve financial independence. Because of their age, they’ll be more in touch with the latest trends. Therefore, to reach college students, you need to capture their attention with your branding and retain it with engaging messaging that satisfies their needs. Here are some strategies for marketing to higher education students:

“Short form” videos

We’ve all heard that “content is king,” but it’s clear now that not just any type of content can boast its superior ability to captivate attention. Studies have shown that video content is 1200% more successful than other content. In the US alone, Business Insider reported there were 244.4 million digital video viewers in 2020. And the demand for video content continues to increase.

If you haven’t already made video content a part of your marketing strategy, along with the 86% of marketing professionals that use video as a marketing tool, start with platforms that have reportedly captured the higher education audience. Short-form platforms like TikTok appeal to college students because of their engaging, creative, and authentic environment. Facebook and Instagram also have features that allow marketers to post short-form video content such as Stories and Reels.

Focus on content that is raw and authentic or not heavily scripted and edited, which your target audience will find more relatable. Creative content you can create would include tours of your campus, a ‘day in the life’ of a student, and videos that showcase your campus’s facilities.

Collaborate with influencers and student ambassadors

Chances are that there are current enrollees already blogging, vlogging, or posting about their college experiences. If your social media marketing strategy already involves a branded hashtag, you can easily find them through their posts. If you can’t find any, turn to students that demonstrate their loyalty to the school and promote them as ambassadors. This may involve students that are heavily involved in student activities or have stood out as campus personalities. Collaborate with campus influencers and student ambassadors to create engaging content, such as short-form videos showing off-campus life experiences.

Create content with alumni

Your organization’s alumni are the best representations of the value of your institution and programs, allowing potential students and repeat enrollees to imagine how their degrees can translate into career opportunities. Invite alumni to write a blog about their college experience. Interview alumni and share their stories on your website and social channels.

Market to existing students

Retaining your current students is as important as marketing to potential new enrollees. You don’t want old students transferring to a different institution to finish their degree. Also, current students are your ambassadors, spreading awareness to other target audiences and providing you with user-generated content. 

Through engaging and interactive content, cultivate pride and loyalty for your brand. To get more students to become your brand ambassadors, launch exciting contests and offer perks to students that participate in social media campaigns. Make sure you’re reaching all your current students through their social media channels. The best way to do this is to ensure you have their social media handles in your database.

Getting your students’ social media handles is easy. Let RunnerEDQ enhance your existing contact list with social media handles and the platforms they use most. Just provide us with a list of names, addresses, and emails. Ask us how we can easily augment your existing contact list for target marketing, collecting data, and improving your communication with your audience.  

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