The Role That Social Media Plays In Recruitment

The rise and evolution of social media have transformed the way companies and job seekers communicate, as well as the way the recruitment process works overall. In the past, finding candidates with the right qualifications, experience, and character was a complicated and time-consuming process, which has forced companies to partner up with independent recruitment agencies.

In recent years, employers have shifted to in-house recruiters who can, with the rise of social media, tap into a global pool of candidates with just a couple of clicks of their mouse. A prospective candidate always needs to go through further, detailed screening, and social media is perfect for it. Here is what you should know about the important role of social media in your recruitment strategy if you want to find quality candidates for your company:

New Generation of Workers

The younger generations are entering the workforce, and they love to spend their time on social media platforms, so much so that it is practically impossible to reach them in any other way. They are used to using computers and digital platforms; they are versatile and can easily adapt to new technologies. They also are mostly nightbirds, staying up late using their social media profiles to talk to people, read interesting trivia, and find entertainment. Placing job opening ads in between their posts and articles is the perfect way to reach them.

Reaching the Right Crowd

Narrowing a search based on social media criteria is a foolproof way to make job recruitment a lot easier. Depending on set criteria and the frequency of ads, companies can gain a massive reach in numbers, no matter the position they are looking to fill.

Background Checks

Checking up on potential candidates by looking at their social media profiles is nothing new. Recruiters usually check the candidates’ profiles to see if they have any professional recommendations, issues with the law, or even their character. Social media provides a huge insight into the candidates since many of them aren’t comfortable disclosing any personal information on the interview.

Live Recruitment

The ability to live recruit new employees is one of the best options that social media platforms offer to the recruiters, especially now in the time of the global pandemic. All it takes is a camera on both parts, and the conversation can start. There is no need for traveling or spending money on recruitment offices.

Leveling the Playing Field

Giving the responsibility of recruitment to a young team of professionals and letting them communicate with their equally young potential candidates over social media is a great way to establish trust and insert friendliness into your brand. This also shows that your company is accepting of new technology and trends, which is also attractive to the new generation of workers.

Take Away

When it comes to searching and competing for top talent, not even a global pandemic can have a major influence. Recruitment agencies are looking everywhere, and they are not missing out on social media platforms. In fact, over 90% of recruiters are using social networking sites to find their candidates. If you want to learn more about the role of social media in recruitment, click here.