Top 5 Data Management Trends of 2019

The majority of businesses today gather various types of data. As its importance for success in the business world continues to grow, more companies are trying to find unique ways and new kinds of data to leverage. The amount of data we are gathering keeps increasing, and it’s safe to assume this trend will continue throughout 2019. But what are going to be the most prevalent data management trends of 2019? Here’s our top five:

1. Increased Use of the Cloud

Cloud solutions are seeing an expansion in business use, and that’s likely to continue. Businesses have recognized that the Cloud allows them to streamline their processes and costs, despite that its use raised security concerns in the past. In 2019, we might see more businesses opting for hybrid Cloud solutions, as it might be safer and more convenient to keep some of their data on premises.

2. More Attention to Data Security

Several of the high-profile data breaches that we saw in 2018 has drawn attention to the importance of data security. With such substantial potential losses and so much on the line for both businesses and their customers, it’s essential to ensure that sensitive data remains safe. Companies that gather and analyze data will be looking to invest more funds in cybersecurity solutions that will minimize the risks of data breaches.

3. Stricter Privacy Regulations

New Data Governance regulations and GDPR marked the beginning of an era of stricter privacy regulations after their adoption in 2018. The norms for data management will continue to get more stringent. The privacy and security concerns will grow more severe. Companies will have to work harder to ensure they’re compliant with challenging new regulations for data management.

4. Continued Use of Data Enhancement Solutions

Quality of data is likely to remain one of the primary conditions for business success. As such, it’s reasonable to expect that companies will keep on using Data Enhancement services and solutions to ensure that they have enterprise quality data to base their decision-making process. As more businesses become interested in maintaining and improving data quality, data enhancement solutions will also become more versatile and efficient.

5. Aiming for More Value from Gathered Data

With data playing such a vital role in the success and functioning of enterprises, businesses will strive to make maximum use from the data they already gather. Improving the existing technologies such as predictive analysis, AI and machine learning will become more feasible once organizations have a better grasp on their data management. As an essential building block of adopting new technologies and processes that provide more value from gathered information, proper data management will become the priority goal for businesses in 2019.

2019 is going to be an exciting year when it comes to data management. With more emphasis on data security and quality, we can expect businesses to widely adopt data enhancement solutions and streamline their use of the Cloud. For enterprises interested in keeping their data clean and 100% accurate, Runner EDQ’s software integrations can provide what they need.