Using Social Media to Increase Employee Engagement

For a company to be successful, they need to recognize how strong employee engagement can be transformative. Engaged employees lead to improved work environments, lower staff turnover, and productivity boosts, which foster better working relationships with clients and have a positive influence on the bottom lines.
Social media presents company leadership with the opportunity to engage employees. Social media helps leaders become more relatable to their staff. The platform can also be used to communicate and interact with employees and promote valuable feedback loops. When employees connect on social media, it can increase camaraderie. Here’s how you can use social media to increase employee engagement.

Recognize employee accomplishments

Social media is an excellent platform to announce good news, such as promotions and achievements. You can also use social media to praise hard work and recognize employees that have gone above and beyond. When posting on social media, make sure the post is set to public, so it’s sharable. Employees will want to engage with positive news and like, comment, and share the post. Seeing how their colleagues are recognized publicly can help fuel other employees, encouraging them to send their congratulations and even motivating them to perform better.

Create engaging and shareable content

Encourage workplace engagement by posting engaging and shareable content. And some of the posts that employees will find the most interesting are content that helps them get to know their colleagues and leaders better. Behind-the-scenes content helps people get a glimpse of what goes on in parts of the company that people may be curious about, allowing other departments to better understand their coworkers’ lives and work experiences. You may even consider putting special employees in the spotlight by allowing them to share their stories. Some great stories to share include how they achieve work-life balance or quirky talents that others may be surprised to hear about.

Run an online contest

Encourage employees to participate in a company-hosted online contest. Contest ideas are endless. Some simple and easy-to-execute contest examples are the best photo, the most-liked video, and the most comments. Improve interaction and attract attention by encouraging employees to ask their family and friends to engage with the post and share it with their networks.

Invite employees to follow the company’s social media page

There are a few ways to invite your team to follow your company’s social media account. One way is by sending an email invite to all employees—another way to enhance your employee contact data with social media append. With the social media append service, you can easily augment your employee contact list with social media handles as long as you have your employees’ names and emails. Having a list of your employees’ social media handles is also a good way to identify which platforms they use the most.

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