Which Tools Can Help You Manage Your Team Remotely?

Organizations and companies of today can benefit greatly from employing remote teams instead of on-premise ones. However, there are still many things that a company needs to do to ensure those teams are managed well. 
There is a wide variety of tools you can use to make sure your team members are well equipped to handle their tasks while making sure that they are staying on track.  Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

For Project Management – Asana 

Remote teams are best managed through specific apps that streamline project management and task allotment. One of the best ones is Asana – a cloud-based tool that’s used by a large number of companies worldwide. Even some huge corporations like Uber and Airbnb use it. It gives you the ability to create projects, break them down into tasks and sub-projects that can then be assigned to each team or individual worker with ease. It offers a large number of features and has a premium version where many of the features are automated.

For Communication – Slack and Skype

Slack is likely the most popular communication app for remote teams. The biggest companies in the world use it, and for a good reason. It offers seamless communication, numerous separate chats within an overarching one, sharing of files, reminders, and more. Plus, many well-known apps can be integrated with Slack.

Skype is also very useful as it has been on the scene for a very long time without faltering. This makes it an extremely reliable tool for communication. 

Additional Tools to Consider

  • For time management, use Hubstaff or Toggl. If you want to ensure each remote employee is focused on actual work, there’s no better tool than Hubstaff. Toggl is equally good, but it offers some different features that you might prefer over the ones found in Hubstaff.
  • For password security, use Dashlane or LastPass. They store and encrypt passwords locally while ensuring all are organized and protected by a master password.
  • For file sharing, use DropBox. We all know about this cloud-based tool that has been storing terabytes of data safely for years. In addition to its reliability and security, it can also be easily integrated with Slack.
  • For social media scheduling, use Buffer. Most organizations need to manage a social media presence, which can be made easier with Buffer. With this automated tool, you can schedule posts for all major platforms.

For online meetings, use GoToMeeting. It’s one of the most reliable tools for having online meetings with a team as well as with clients.

Is There More?
Besides all these beneficial tools, you should also consider a data quality solution like the one RunnerEDQ offers. The software solution will enable you to maintain accurate data on all of your employees and will eliminate errors and wasted time. Take a better look at our tools or contact us to learn more.