Who Benefits from Data Quality?

High data quality is accurate, complete, relevant, and up-to-date. To achieve good data quality, consistency is crucial. Achieving data confidence provides many benefits, including cost savings, time savings, increased productivity, informed decision-making, and compliance. But who benefits most from data quality?


Achieving high-quality data leads to increased insight and control over business outcomes. When you are confident in the quality of your data, you can make informed decisions. A business strategy can only be executed with the least risk when the data can be trusted. Enforcing and practicing good data quality processes consistently also means achieving compliance, which gives leadership and decision-makers peace of mind to focus more on their value-added work.

Sales Team

Incomplete, inaccurate, and incorrect emails, addresses, and phone numbers hinder effective communication. Providing your sales team with high data quality means they’re spending more time contacting and communicating with the right people and less time wasted on bad emails and disconnected or incorrect numbers. Working with a bad quality list can be frustrating for sales teams, impacting their morale and reducing productivity.

Marketing Team

Armed with insight into the geographical location and demographic information such as age, gender, employment, and so on, marketing teams can create detailed buyer personas. Therefore, data quality helps you create a clearer picture of your target audience, allowing you to optimize messaging. And more accurate buyer personas lead to improved audience targeting, making your marketing content and campaigns more effective.

When buyer personas are based on bad quality data, you end up sending content to prospects and customers that don’t align with their buyer’s journey. So when the quality of your data is bad, email churn also increases – leading to spam complaints, unsubscribes, and hard bounces.

Technical Team

Equipping your team with the tools they need to collect data is not enough. The effectiveness of your technical team and database management needs to be supported with the capabilities to ensure the information is complete, accurate, correct, and consistent. Having the right resources and support means that technical teams are equipped to maintain databases better so that other teams can leverage the data to execute their strategies.  When technical teams aren’t supported with advanced tools, they’re left to maintain databases manually. And manual data entry can lead to duplicate entries, missing fields, misspellings, typos, non-standard data, spelling variations, and other inaccuracies.


Gathering accurate and complete data on your customers leads to improved relationships. With informed marketing decisions and targeted messaging, you show your customers that you care about their preferences and needs. You deliver content that interests them, increasing engagement and improving customer experience. On the other hand, bad quality data can damage your reputation when you reach out to the wrong audience.

Ultimately, the whole organization benefits from high data quality, improving efficiency, boosting productivity, strengthening relationships, and increasing profits. We know the impacts that dirty data can have on your business and the challenges of keeping your data clean. RunnerEDQ specializes in maintaining clean data through a collection of enterprise data solutions. Contact us today on how to manage the ever-changing profiles of your contacts.