Why Organizations Are Monitoring Employees Behavior on Social Media

One of the main tasks of every employee is to create such working conditions that will enhance their staff’s productivity. But, unfortunately, while the Internet is beneficial and essential for almost every company, it is also one of the biggest distractions.
This has led business owners to employ the latest winning strategy – monitoring employee use of social media. However, this is not an easy thing to do, and the whole process should be performed responsibly. So, why is this important for employers? And what is the correct approach?

Why Organizations Monitor Employee Behavior on Social Media?

Although some employees might think that their employers are tracking their social media usage to add even more restrictions, that isn’t necessarily true. Instead, the main goal of monitoring the Internet and social media usage is to eliminate unnecessary distractions at work and enhance productivity.


High performance is needed and beneficial for both employees and employers. This way, employers will earn more income, while employees might get bonuses or promotions for their productivity and good work.


Nowadays, practically everyone has at least one social media profile. Often, they can be so distracting and can take a lot of time from daily work. But, on the other hand, many modern jobs require the use of the Internet for completing various tasks. So, cutting off an internet connection can’t be a solution to the problem. But, having free internet access might result in diminished performance.


This is the main reason why employers are monitoring the internet activity of their team members. This way, they can create a healthy and productive work environment. Still, it’s necessary to think of the human factor. So, it is best to allow some time on social media sites during breaks.


The Process of Tracking

Typically, companies use their Internet Usage policies to describe what is allowed and not allowed while using the Internet during working hours. This set of rules ensures that the employer’s demands are understood and that employees know their limitations regarding social media usage. This way, employees know their internet activity is being monitored and that they should not waste time on social media when it’s not necessary. The policies also help build trust between the employers and their teams and help maintain a professional attitude at the workplace.


With the help of special programs, the employers can:

  • Track of the time spent on social media, including knowing which web pages were accessed, when they were accessed, exact websites, and users of every single computer;
  • Know which social media websites have been used from the working place and the time of access;
  • Gather information about search results found on searching engines like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Yahoo, and others;
  • See downloads and uploads done from all the computers.



An employer’s goal is not only to ensure productivity but to protect their employers. With the addictive use of social media, it may seem challenging to do so, but with proper policies and guidelines, both employers and employees can both feel at ease.

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