Runner EDQ™ CLEAN_Cloud™ delivers a SaaS solution that eliminates the burden of on-premise software installation. CLEAN_Cloud is the ideal option for on-demand cloud-based IT resources that deliver real-time address verification and data enhancement services.

Why CLEAN_Cloud?

We offer a centrally hosted solution that reduces operational expenses by lowering overhead costs and on-premise infrastructure management resource requirements.

Like most cloud-based options, there are several advantages to using CLEAN_Cloud.

CLOUD Data Quality Solutions

Contact data quality affects all aspects of your organization! Finding a solution to mitigate data integrity issues is a task facing many companies like yours. Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_Cloud solutions integrate into your applications to combat the data quality issues that directly contribute to your costs, efficiency, and profitability.

Integration in its easiest form – CLEAN_Cloud cloud-based data quality solutions are ideal for businesses, organizations, or institutions with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. Enjoy all of the same features as the on-premise Runner EDQ solutions, and more!

Who Benefits from Data Quality?

Sales & Marketing
Prospect & Customer Addresses
Targeted Marketing
Email Campaigns
Demographic Data
Lead Qualification
Trade Show Data
Human Resources
Job Applicants
Benefits Packages
Vendor Addresses
Credit Card Transactions
Parking Permits
Health Clinic

CLEAN_Cloud Features

CLEAN_Cloud delivers a real-time API that can be utilized for both real-time and batch address verification, corrections and standardization.
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Name Checking
Email Checking
National Change of Address
Batch Processing
Self Service
USPS Updates
Data quality and data intelligence is imperative to organizations that need to make critical business decisions. Runner EDQ recognizes organizations have specific issues regarding their data integrity. Through the use of CLEAN_Cloud™ your organization is empowered to enhance and control the data you access or leverage every day. Whether it’s data needed for collections, point of sale, data entry, finance, data migration, or Geoanalysis, Runner EDQ has a data solution.
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