CLEAN_Address for Banner by Ellucian

CLEAN_Address for Banner by Ellucian is the integrated address verification solution that seamlessly corrects and standardizes postal addresses within your Banner student information system. Our integration provides address correction in real-time at the point of entry, and for existing data via batch and change of address processing.
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  • Reduce Returned Mail
  • Enforce Data Standards
  • Save Data Entry Time

Fully Integrated – Real Time – Seamless User Experience

Address Tables
Name Checking
Email Checking
National Change of Address
Self Service / SSB
Banner 9 – Admin Pages
Banner 8 – 26 Forms
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CLEAN_Address supports address verification and standardization in all Banner modules, including:

  • Student
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

CLEAN_Address has a feature rich standards engine which enables institutions to enforce their data standards across the entire enterprise.  This creates consistency with address data, creating a more professional image for the institution, as well as enabling duplicate addresses to be identified more easily.

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CLEAN_Address Features:


CLEAN_Address integrates seamlessly into 27 Banner (INB) Forms and 6 Self-Service Banner (SSB) pages containing address data in Banner 8 and all of the Admin pages in Banner 9. There are several modes that can be enabled when verifying an address in self-service:

  • Ability to skip address verification as a power user.
  • Forcing a valid address to be entered always (as in self-service).
  • CLEAN_Address integrates seamlessly into all Banner pages
  • Formatting an address to YOUR institution’s standard. Most institutions prefer to format addresses by address type such as student, or alumni records.
  • Having the ability to identify residential or business addresses may be a useful tool for your organization. RBDI (Residential Business DeliveryIndicator) might help your organization with fraud prevention or allow you to easily recognize residential or commercial addresses.
Runner EDQ Batch Processing

A batch processing interface is also provided for updating the existing address data in Banner.

With batch processing all of your institution’s existing student, alumni, employee, and vendor address records can be corrected, formatted, validated and updated using the latest domestic or global postal database.

Moving Truck

Even with 100% deliverable addresses in your student system or alumni database, mail can still be returned when people move and don’t notify your institution.

With change of address processing, your institution can be proactive when individuals, families, or businesses move and automatically update addresses back in your Banner system.

Runner EDQ Gecoding

Geocoding data provides latitude and longitude information down to the 5 digit and 9 digit USPS ZIP Code level, as well as roof-top level accuracy. This is a great way to visualize your data, such as in Google Earth Pro.

You can now use your Data as a business tool:

  • Identify student populations living within a certain range around the campus for emergency contingency plans.
  • Increase enrollment managers efficiency by identifying prospective applicant locations with graphic pin-drops on a map
  • Use for housing assistance or for car pool programs to alleviate parking problems on cam

CLEAN_Address supports international postal data for 240 countries and territories world-wide.  The integration will automatically convert international postal data into the deliverable postal standard for the address in the country you are validating.

This incredible integrated feature takes the guessing game out of how your international addresses should appear by formatting and validating the addresses in both real-time and in batch processing.

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